Types Of Bongs


A bong is a water pipe for herb smokers. After passing through the water chamber, the smoke produces a bubbling sound and a flavour profile that is “cool”. The lungs are less impacted by smoking weed via a bong than from a blunt or a pipe. You can also enjoy the bubbling sound while smoking.

The Functions of Various Bong Designs

  • Straight-Tube Bong:

These bongs for sale in Australia are easy to use. They have a tube with a stem on one end and a bowl on the other. Using one is simple. A little water in the bong’s bottom, some weed in a tube, and you’re ready to go. It’s on!

  • The Beaker Bong

A beaker-shaped bongs for sale is like a straight-tube bong, but with a cone-shaped bottom. It resembles a beaker, hence the name. It’s sturdier than a straight-tube bong yet functions like one.

  • Carburettor Bong

A carburettor bong has a hole in the middle. If it doesn’t, it isn’t. A carburettor is not built into the design of a bong, but many people love using one because they believe it enhances the effect. When you take your finger off the hole, fresh air enters the bong, forcing smoke into your lungs swiftly and profoundly.

  • Chambered Bong

A multi-chamber bong has two independent chambers joined by a third. The upper chamber holds water. This means the smoke is twice as smooth and colder as other bongs. These beaker bongs are more difficult to make and cost more than other options. Cleaning them can be difficult.

  • Percolator

Percolator bongs can be beaker, round base, or straight tube. The percolator, a glass component that dispels smoke before it passes through the water, is what makes this piece special. This improves filtration and cooling by creating a bubble effect inside the bong. This can be in the bottom of a single-chamber bong, one of the chambers of a multi-chamber bong, or even both. These are tough to clean and complex to construct, making them pricey on the market.

  • Honeycomb Bong

The “honeycomb” percolator is a disc in the bong’s middle. It’s honeycomb-shaped and delivers outstanding filtering without latency. Some honeycomb bongs include two or three “honeycomb” discs.

  • Zong

A zong is a beaker bong with a unique neck design. The intricate neck patterns not only provide the user more capacity to collect smoke for a big pull, but they also make trippy designs that look out of this world. So, the name “Zong” fits perfectly. The smoke travels further, allowing it to cool and offer a more pleasurable smoking experience.

  • Round Bong

Like a beaker-shaped bong, these bongs have a larger base than the tube and mouthpiece. The water chamber is round and has a flat base. Straight-tube bongs are more stable, but they work the same.

  • Mini Bongs

Inline bongs have a slitted horizontal tube. This slit distributes the smoke evenly throughout the water. This equal dispersion makes smoking clean and smooth.

  • DIY Bongs

Homemade bongs have been created for decades. Making a bong at home is as simple as using whatever materials are available. Making a bong from pop bottles is popular. To establish a water filtration smoke delivery system, these pieces will often have a stem and a bowl that drops into water. Please visit stonagear.com.au for more information.