How To Determine Ferrous And Nonferrous Metals

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The scrap metal dealers are very bad known about the quality of the metal which they are going to deal for and they also know that How much they have to pay cash for scrap material So they are very choosy and selective for this purpose because after buying and paying the cash for metals scrap they have so identify different kinds of metals that whether the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous and for which purposes they are going to be used and further to which industries and factories they have to sell them out so in the following we are going to mention a little and quick guide about the identification and distinguishing ferrous and non-ferrous metals scrap:

  • In the very important thing before starting the process of recycling is identifying that whether the metals scrap is ferrous or non-ferrous and the further process is being decided on the basis of the nature of the metals scrap and the very basic thing which we used to distinguish between these two types of the metals scrap is a magnet and to distinguish between these two types we will be using magnet and there is very simple and easy trick that if the magnet stick to the metal then it means that the metals scrap is completely ferrous and if the magnet does not connect to the metals scrap than it means that the material is non-ferrous.
  • If we talk about the value of the metals scrap then you came to know that the value of non-ferrous metals scare is very high because they don’t contain any kind of contamination like iron and magnesium in its composition and also they are corrosion free that means that they don’t get corrosive prevent left in the water and the outdoor places and they are being used for the furniture and different kinds of things which are being used outdoor like the windows the gears and many other things.
  • Competitively the ferrous metals scrap is low in value then the non-ferrous metals scrap but if you have a large amount of this kind of metal then you can be using it a number of things in a large quantity because this type of metals scrap is containing iron and different kinds of contamination in its composition which will be making it not suitable for the structures which are meant to be used for a longer period of time but they can be used for different other things like in the packaging and also in the little products which are being used in door.
  • The brass is considered to be non-ferrous metals scrap and it get cash for scrap even you can get cash for scrap cars and the brass is found in locks, door handles and many other little products of our daily usage.